Light from stars


SYZYGY is the first cosmetic brand to feature all duo-chrome products. Each product reflects at least two striking colors at once, so you can use alone or over other products to create a multi-dimensional effect. SYZYGY does not conduct, condone, or endorse testings on animals. All of our products meet the specifications and requirements of cosmetics regulation in USA and the EU. Statement: SYZYGY products are made with pride and precision. We insist on selling our best products to customers.

It’s all duochrome.

About Comet Crush Eyeshadow Palette

Inspired by the colorful and mysterious nebula, SYZYGY Chameleon Glow Eyeshadow Palette emerges into the market. Containing 6 chameleon glow eyeshadows with transformable colors from different angles, this palette goes beyond everyday cosmetics to give you a powerful makeup experience.


  • Mockmoon: White base with icy blue reflects.This color is suitable for blending with other colors.
  • Phosphene: One moment is lavender purple and another angle is Peach gold.
  • Chatoyant: One moment is turquoise and another angle is gold.
  • Halo: One moment is sunset red and another angle is orange/gold.
  • Nebula: One moment is deep purple and another angle is blue,cool tone.
  • Nova: One moment is deep brown and another angle is green/blue.


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